What is an ISBN?
An ISBN is a 10-digit or 13-digit code that is used to uniquely identify a book. Knowing the ISBN of the book you need helps reduce the chance that you buy the wrong book. The ISBN can usually be found either immediately above or below the barcode on the back of the book. You can also find the ISBN on the copyright page of the book.
I don't go to either UW or WLU. Can I still use your site?
Sure. Cheaptexts.ca has been designed for students who either attend school in Waterloo or live in Waterloo, but you may still be able to make use of it. Several of the prices listed will be for places where you can buy the book by mail order, so you can still make use of those if you know the ISBN or title of the book that you're looking for. CheapTexts.ca will be supporting other universities and locales in the future. If you're interested in seeing your school included in CheapBooks.ca in the future, please contact us and let us know.
CheapTexts.ca said that a certain site had a certain book for a certain price. I visited the site, but I can't find any book at that price. Why?
The data are in some cases not live, so it's possible that the book may have been sold since the data were collected.
Why do you not list course packages?
There are a few reasons:
  • They are updated frequently, making used copies useless frequently
  • Most used bookstores don't carry them; the only source is your university's bookstore
  • Course packages don't have an ISBN, making it hard to ensure you're buying the correct one.
Nevertheless, if you really would like to see course packages listed, please let us know, and if there's enough demand we'll see what we can do.
Do you have any tips on the best ways of buying or selling books?
See our blog for articles on buying and selling textbooks.
Why is your colour scheme so garish?
We think it's a fun colour scheme and it prevents us from taking ourselves more seriously than we should.
I have a question about the site that isn't answered here. Whom can I contact?
By all means, please contact us.